Holy Week

Holy week schedule


Palm Sunday 10:00 AM

Palm Sunday kicks off Holy Week with an act of worship that mirrors Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, creating a palpable excitement while foreshadowing the events to come. We invite you to come this Sunday to reflect on the foretelling of the greatest act of love you will ever experience.

Maundy Thursday 6:30

In this service, we join as followers of Jesus at the Last Supper, partaking in the events that took place the night before Jesus was crucified. We follow Christ's words and actions as we wash one other's feet,  remember him through Communion, and strip and clean the holy altar.

Good Friday 6:30 PM

This evening service combines all the treasured elements of Good Friday—the Passion Reading, Prayer at the Cross, and worship—in a shorter timeframe than the evening service. 

Easter Vigil 11:00 PM

This service follows the practice of the ancient church, keeping vigil on the night before Christ’s resurrection. 

Easter Sunday 10:00 AM

Easter Sunday is the remembrance of God's ultimate saving deed as we celebrate Jesus conquering sin and death! Join us in rejoicing and Communion. The 10 am service concludes our vigil with the First Acclamation of Easter, the Holy Noise, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Easter Week Location

Come join us!

Bread of Life Anglican Church

910 Femrite Drive Monona, WI 53716, US, US

(608) 216-9831

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